5 Charlie Parker Licks – How To Play Bebop Blues

Jazz Blues
If you want to study Jazz Blues and learn how to play solos that really mix Bebop lines and Blues licks then one of the best sources has to be Charlie Parker!
In this video I am going to go over 5 Charlie Parker licks from him and this is fantastic material for playing changes and getting that mix of bebop lines with blues phrasing.

The Licks are also great examples of how to create melodic ideas that last several bars and connect several phrases which are also why Parker clearly was a genius innovator in Jazz.

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Edited by Luciano Poli

0:00 Intro
0:35 Example 1 – The Famous Solo Opening
0:40 Analysis
1:43 Example 1 – Slow
1:50 Parker Not Playing Dom7th Chords on the Blues
2:22 Example 2 – Real Blues Phrasing
2:28 Analysis of Example 2
2:52 Motivic Improvisation with Parker
3:34 The F major – F minor Trick
4:39 Example 2 – Slow
4:45 Example 3 – Swing Riff Melodies
4:53 Analysis of Example 3
6:50 Example 3 – Slow
7:20 Example 4 – Blues Chromaticism and Bebop Arpeggios
7:23 Analysis of Example 4
8:15 Example 4 – Slow
8:17 John Scofield and Charlie Parker
8:59 Example 5 – Start in Blues end in Bebop
9:02 Analysis of Example 5
9:38 Example 5 – Slow
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