Common Bluegrass Flatpicking Licks over Cripple Creek Chord Progression – Intermediate Guitar Lesson

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Last lesson, we looked at the 5th position hybrid scale in the key of G. I talked about how this is the most important scale for making your guitar sound country and bluegrass. We also used this hybrid scale to add some bass line fill riffs over a simple progression.

In this lesson, we’re going to use this hybrid scale to improvise with fill riffs over the bluegrass song “Cripple Creek”. First, I’ll give you a quick recap of the hybrid scale. Then, I’ll teach you the “Cripple Creek” chord progression, some beginner fill riffs, and some more advanced fill riffs for the intermediate players. Everything we’re covering in this lesson will come in very handy at your next bluegrass jam!

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Visit where you can learn a ton of common bluegrass flatpicking guitar licks that will come in handy at your next bluegrass jam. We’ll break down all guitar lick with tablature and I’ll show you how you can use these licks with the majority of bluegrass songs. Several of these flatpicking licks are in the key of G and they’re designed to help you improvise your guitar solo in bluegrass fiddle tunes like Red Haired Boy, Salt Creek, Gold Rush, Cripple Creek, Cherokee Shuffle, etc.

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