Join The Club – Nobela Guitar Tutorial [INTRO, SOLO, CHORDS AND STRUMMING + TABS]]

Step-By-Step [INTRO, SOLO, CHORDS AND STRUMMING + TABS] Guitar Tutorial of Nobela by Join The Club

All my guitar tutorials are all based from original songs and not making my own version. This is how I show my respect for all the artists who created the song. My goal in this channel is to teach you the most accurate guitar tutorial as I can. What you hear from the song is what you will learn from my tutorial.

A guitar lesson is a lot easier to follow and understand if it is done step by step and if there is (TABS on SCREEN) so I included it in all of my tutorials. But learners sometimes can’t figure out what and where are the notes being played in the TABS. So I decided to add a highlight on TABS so learners don’t have problems figuring out what and where are the notes being played in my tutorial.



Artist: Nicolai Heidlas
Title: Leaving Earth


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