Vox amPlug Review – The Vox AC30 Guitar Headphone Mini Amp Features

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In this vox amplug review we discuss all the features of the popular Vox amPlug AC30 Guitar Headphone Mini Amp and how I use it for practicing purposes without annoying the hell out of my family.

Well what can I say: The Vox AC30 is handy and affordable. They kept the functionality easy and straight forward, no unnecessary knick-knacks. As mentioned in the video, I haven’t used the AUX input too much but I can see that being helpful especially for playing along with backtracks that you keep on your I-Phone or other compatible device.

The Amplug is powered by two AAA batteries, they come with the device (at least that was the case when I ordered mine via Amazon.). I still have the first set of batteries, so if you make sure that you always switch it off when done playing, they last for a long time.

Okay, the following question seems to be of huge interest: can I use the Vox amPlug AC30 with a regular amplifier and can I also use the device with effect pedals? Well, I haven’t personally tried to connect it into a regular amp, but based on the comments you see below, that seems to work for the folks who actually did that. As far as pedals are concerned: yes, you can use any guitar pedal in combination with the AC30 amplug. I tried it with my BigMuff Pi and it works perfectly fine. So, to be clear: connect your pedal to the guitar — then plug the Ac30 amplug into the pedal. You can then either connect you headphones or PC speakers to the device and let the sound flow..;-)

The best part of the Vox Amplug ac30 Guitar Headphone Amp is the price, and well, what you get for your money, meaning the quality. I don’t think you can beat that with any other comparable device. I also really like the fact that they kept things very simple and easy to use. Oh, that reminds me of another good point: the case/frame is made of plastic and the device is very light. It already survived a couple of accidents (dropped to the floor), a testament to a sturdy built.

Again, it comes highly recommended. A surprisingly good sound coming out of that little thing, in my opinion. Ideal to practice and getting an amplified sound. Works well with any type of regular headphones of PC speakers. Definitely a good investment.

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