Intermediate Guitar 1 – Root Notes & Slash Chords

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This is lesson 3 from our course “Intermediate Guitar Course 1”. Our Intermediate courses are designed to take your playing to the next level. You’ll learn many new and important skills that will prepare you to jump into advanced lessons and courses. In this course you’ll learn more advanced chords, chord progressions, and strumming patterns. You’ll also learn about root notes, slash chords, open string chords, 12 bar blues, how to memorize notes on your fretboard, how to spice up your strumming, and much more. This course will prepare you to jump into more advanced topics such as barre chords, advanced rhythm techniques, power chords, and much more.

**Guitar Root Notes and Slash Chords
In this lesson you’ll learn about root notes and slash chords. Every chord has a root note (although you don’t always have to include the Root in the voicing…more on that in future lessons). All you have to know about root notes for now is that they are the name for of the chord. For example, the root note of G Major is G, the root note of A Major is A, the root note of Am is A, the root note of Em7 is E etc…Root notes are very important to understand for many reasons but for this course they’re important for understanding slash chords. A slash chord is a chord that has a note other than the root in the base (lowest note in voicing). For example, an F/C has a C in the base instead of an F. The way you read slash chords is “the chord/lowest note in chord”. So the first letter represents the actual chord and the second letter represents the base note. F/C = F Major chord with C as the lowest note in the voicing.

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